Respect is Earned in The Library Not Given

Got to love the classic librarian fighting for respect for all the misconceptions and hardships they have to face. With hot button topics like whats appropriate to wear if you are librarian, gender gap, and how not all information on the internet. Through Jessamyn’s article I was able to find out that there is such thing as “library schools”, and librarian professionals.

I feel like that libraries have turned into one of those things like apple where people who love it won’t stop talking about it. With loyal librarian lovers that don’t want to sell out to the man, and give into using the internet.

I don’t mind libraries, but i also don’t see what is really that awesome about them either. The internet is more efficient and easier than libraries, and I feel as though people tend to hype them up to sound cooler than they really are. Just as a librarian degree might not be my first choice for a masters degree.


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